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July 13, 2014
Colvin: Confidence in Gilbert Schools is Rising

Gilbert Schools Governing Board Member Daryl Colvin recently wrote an opinion piece that was published in the East Valley Tribune.  He cites some major accomplishments of the conservative board.  I use the word "conservative," because these particular board members have been under a sustained attack by a small group of agitators.  This group has been supported by both the Gilbert Education Association and Arizona Education Association (teachers' unions).  They have been cheered on by the leftist media, a a media whose bias is so well established in America that it is measured by how much the American people distrust it.

Gilbert Watch published an article some time ago that listed the conservative board's accomplishments.  See The Accomplishments of the Gilbert Schools Governing Board.  

Mr. Colvin has added some more.

Please take the time to read them.  Many of these were very hard fought over a period of years!   Then, judge for yourself.  The school board sets the standard for your district.  Every school district, like a business, embodies a culture.  That culture starts at the top.  

Click HERE for the link to Mr. Colvin's article.  Here are the highlights:

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July 11, 2014
Gilbert Mayor John Lewis Gives Invocation at Gilbert Schools Board Meeting

This is the first time in 14 years that the Invocation was allowed to open Gilbert School Board meetings.


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July 11, 2014
Sen. Cruz: "This is a Crisis of the President's Own Making"

“Amnesty is unfolding before our very eyes,” Sen. Cruz said. “And I would suggest the only response that will stop this humanitarian disaster is for President Obama to start enforcing the law, to stop promising amnesty, to stop refusing to enforce federal immigration law and finally to secure the borders. Indeed, I would call upon our colleagues in this body in both parties to come together and secure the border once and for all and to stop holding border security hostage for amnesty.”

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Tags: Illegal Aliens, Obama
July 11, 2014
Gilbert Watch's Foraging Stick! (Updated)

In Fiscal Year 2009 Congress borrowed 53.5 cents for every dollar spent.

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July 10, 2014
Meet Adam Kwasman for U.S. Congress (CD1) - Tonight in Globe, AZ

Please join the Cobre Valley Republican Club in downtown Globe, 424 N. Broad Street, for a Meet and Greet, Coffee and Pie for Adam Kwasman, candidate for Congress CD-1.  This is your chance to meet Adam and ask questions!  

This event begins at 6:00 pm tonight, July 10.

Adam Kwasman stood with many other Arizona Republicans against the passage of Medicaid Expansion, which would put thousands more Arizonans on a medical welfare program.   

Here is Rep. Kwasman speaking against this bill, which he and others warned would not be sustainable.  Governor Brewer signed it into law on June 13, 2013.

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July 10, 2014
Meet and Greet for Frank Riggs: Payson - July 11

Please join Shirley Dye and Anita Christy, and many other conservative Republicans, to meet Frank Riggs, candidate for Governor.

This event will take place Friday, July 12, beginning at 6:00 pm.

The location is the Gila County GOP Headquarters, 719 S. Highway 87 (Beeline Highway), Payson, Arizona.

Frank Riggs recently received the endorsement of former Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce.  He has also been endorsed by both Gila County Watch and Gilbert Watch.  See Why Conservatives Support Frank Riggs for Arizona's Next Governor.

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