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1. The Accomplishments of the Gilbert Schools Governing Board

Not only has the current conservative majority Gilbert School Board brought the schools from a "B" to an "A" rating per the Arizona Auditor General's report, but they have also been responsible for many other positive changes.  Some of these were initiated by current Board President Staci Burk when she first joined the board in 2011.  Others were accomplished by the conservative majority, when Ms. Burk was joined by Board members Julie Smith and Daryl Colvin in 2013.  

Here are several items initiated by the conservatives that Gilbert Watch found:

1.   Began livestreaming meetings.

2.   Ms. Burk pushed for zero based budgeting.  

3.   Ms. Burk voted against Springboard curriculum (which was highly recommended by previous Director of Curriculum Barb VeNard), based on its poor quality and inappropriate material not consistent with the culture of the Gilbert community.  As a private citizen Ms. Julie Smith spoke out against Springboard.

4.   Saved the District several hundred thousand by insisting that the attorneys take the Crosspointe litigation on a contingency.

5.   Implemented a true teacher pay for performance program.

6.   Discontinued the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Gilbert Education Assn (aka "the union").

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2. Gilbert School Board to Vote on Common Core: Tuesday, Oct. 1

Three Gilbert School Governing board members (Julie Smith, Daryl Colvin, and Staci Burk) despise Common Core, so let's encourage them to vote NO to this agenda item!        

Agenda Item 7.02 does not look to me like a mere “formality” to approve the Arizona Department of Education's new title for Common Core, “Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.”   And even if it is, VOTE NO.  

Here is the link to the Agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting.  It will be held at 7 pm, Governing Board Room, Building B, 140 S. Gilbert Rd.  

Agenda Item 7.02 reads  “Approval of the Declaration of Curricular and Instructional Alignment to the Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards.”

First.  Why should this board, 3 of whom have expressed their strong disapproval of Common Core, willingly vote to approve any of this federally grown travesty in any way, shape, or form?  What is the board “risking” if they vote NO?  What “penalties” will they face?  One could protest that if they don’t approve it, then Superintendent Huppenthal will withhold their funding.  Really?  He would, in an election year, withhold funding from the 4th largest school district in Arizona?  Even the Leftist Media couldn’t ignore reporting that!

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3. Gilbert School Board Struggles to Allow Parents a Voice in Choosing Reading Materials

On March 26, 2013, Gilbert School Board Clerk Mrs. Julie Smith, requested a discussion and approval of Item 6.02 relating to a Community Curriculum Committee.   Eventually, the motion was revised to approve formation of a Community Textbook and Supplemental Materials Committee.  Mrs. Smith's major concern was that, in light of materials used in Springboard and Common Core,  parental and teacher input be allowed prior to adoption of certain reading materials.   See the video below, where the discussion begins at 1:13:00.  The essence of opinions begins at 1:34:00.   Board Members Lily Tram and Jill Humphreys are in agreement that selection of textbooks and supplemental reading materials should be left in the hands of "the professionals."  "There are many different values in Gilbert," stated Mrs. Humpherys.  "One person's trash is another person's treasure."  Mrs. Tram wanted to know, "Who is going to run this committee"?   Board President Staci Burk suggested that Mrs. Smith would facilitate it.   The Board approved the Committee 3-2.

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4. Aftermath of the 10/23/2012 Gilbert School Board Meeting

Please refer to my earlier post titled See Gilbert School Board "Fix Up" in Action 10/23/2012 for background.

Before I advise you of the votes, please note that, because the votes relating to the Superintendent's performance evaluation were placed dead last on the agenda, following two back-to-back Executive Sessions (which, by law, the public is not allowed to attend), citizens were made to wait until 11 pm for the board to reconvene the public meeting for the vote. One citizen was denied the ability to speak, because Administration had locked up the comment cards and shut down the electronic voting equipment. Even though the director of Community Relations, Dianne Bowers, in a flurry of searching, was able to find a key and obtain a comment card for that citizen, the citizen’s request to speak was rebuffed by President EJ Anderson.

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5. Election 2012! Recommendations from Lina Hatch

If you don't know Lina Hatch, she is a strong, vocal, gracious, constitutional community leader, wife, mother, and grandmother! For years, she has been a steadfast supporter of conservative American values. We are truly blessed that she works so hard on behalf of our conservative candidates. She also holds them accountable once they are in office! No one is a "sacred cow" to Lina.

As you can see from her recommendations below, she has done her homework on the following candidates and issues.

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6. Eric Johnson - My Turn - Arizona Republic 10/13/2012

Eric Johnson, candidate for Gilbert School Board.

After having served on the Gilbert public-school community budget committee and reviewing the numbers, I believe that we should cut areas such as administration, lobbying efforts, marketing, construction, software, and consulting services, and avoid cutting classrooms, art, and music programs essential to our students’ learning.

Therefore, I do not support the override as presented to the public.

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7. Gilbert School Board Incumbents' BIG Appetites!

Whether it's raising our property tax rate, voting to send the override to the ballot, voting for the infamous Springboard curriculum, or arrogantly ignoring the Gilbert Junior High School community, we cannot afford to feed these incumbents anymore: EJ "Gilbert's most ardent lobbyist for the override" Anderson, Blake "I trust the District Officials" Sacha,and Commissar Lily Tram. Included in the BIG government list is EJ Anderson's running mate Jill "Parents don't get a choice" Humpherys! Just say NO!


Vote for Julie Smith, Daryl Colvin, and Eric Johnson! They are fiscal conservatives who know how to lead and who will encourage community involvement!

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8. Gilbert School District Officials to Displace 645 GJHS students

Lately, the officials at Gilbert Public Schools District Office have been following a pattern: They put an item on the Governing Board's agenda, tell the board they MUST DECIDE that night—it’s URGENT!--so the board, ignoring their role as the Employer and the District as Their Employees, bend over backwards to accommodate the District’s pre-ordained decision.

That was the scenario when the Board voted to adopt the Springboard curriculum.

It’s happening again on October 2, Tuesday, at 7 pm. This will be a very important Gilbert Public Schools Board Meeting. The location has been changed to the Mesquite High School cafeteria, 500 S. McQueen.

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9. What Do Gilbert's School Children Know about Justice?

In a 3-2 vote (Blake Sacha, Lily Tram, and Helen Hollands voted YES), the Gilbert Public Schools Governing Board approved the Springboard curriculum to be taught to Gilbert’s children, grades 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Julie Smith, candidate for the Gilbert School board, has spoken out against Springboard many times, and this classroom assignment is just one of the reasons.

All 8th graders, including Honors classes and Gilbert “Classical” Academy, will read and analyze an article titled “Jeter: Put Your Money Where Your Fans Are,” written by a New York City high school teacher, Michael Lupinacci. The subject is “Social Justice.” Students are asked some weighty questions, such as “Who are some of your favorite movie, sports, or music stars”? “Are they paid too much”? One of their assignments is to “Write a letter to a celebrity about an idea you have that you would like him or her to support.”

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10. Blake Sacha Approves Springboard Curriculum "The World is Different"

A selection from Springboard: Smells Like Teen Spirit, song versions by Nirvana and Tori Amos are analyzed. This song was written by Kurt Cobain, after he and a woman spent a night of heavy drinking and drug use, and then went around the city of Seattle spray painting graffiti on buildings including “God is gay.” They then came back to Kurt’s residence and wrote all over the walls which was then used to write the song.

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