Higley Superintendent Birdwell's Arrogant Treatment of Duly Elected Board Member

The following video clip from the Higley Schools 9/10/2013 Governing Board meeting provides you with a glimpse of the attitude displayed by a bureaucrat toward a duly elected board member.  This type of behavior is not rare among upper echelon unelected "professionals" at all levels of government.  Most bureaucrats have learned to fake sincerity and tone down their contempt for their employers.  Not Dr. Birdwell.  Her performance in the 20-minute video featured in Did Higley Schools Governing Board Deceive the MCBOS in their $750k Grant Request? makes it clear that she views the board as an inconvenient necessity serving only to obstruct her superiority. 

The bureaucrats are certain that they are in charge and that they have been stuck with a Governing Board as some sort of handicap. The bureaucrats' job is to feed the idiots on the Board their finely crafted "facts" until the Board members arrive at the bureaucrats' predetermined conclusion. 

In this clip, you will witness Dr. Birdwell's gratuitous dressing down of Board Member Jake Hoffman, who had just finished trying to convince the other board members that their MCBOS grant application for $750,000 did not accurately depict their true intent.  His crime was to "ask pertinent questions" of Dr. Birdwell's employee, Josh Crosby.  She is so used to the Board doing whatever she tells them, that she has forgetten that she reports to the Governing Board.  Can you imagine your employee treating you like this? 



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