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11. Come to Public IRS and EPA Hearing in Prescott - July 1, 2013

Bureaucrats at the EPA and the IRS are officially out of control – and the Arizona Congressional delegation wants to do something about it.

On Monday, July 1, Representatives Schweikert, Salmon, Gosar, and Franks will host a public hearing in Prescott to address government abuse.

The hearing will feature testimony from constituents, Attorney General Tom Horne, and State Rep. Brenda Barton – if you’ve been harmed by the IRS or EPA, you should attend this hearing.

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12. Light Rail Extension - Gilbert Rd. - Meeting June 11, 7 pm.

Is Light Rail to Nowhere coming to Mesa?  Mayor Scott Smith has somehow found millions of dollars burning a hole in his pocket  to spend on Light Rail.  Or maybe it's just more endless "federal grant money"?    The following meeting announcement was sent to Gilbert Watch.  Please attend if you can.

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13. Rosa Koire, founder of Democrats Against Agenda 21, to speak at NAU, June 5, 2013

Rosa Koire, a forensic commercial real estate appraiser specializing in eminent domain evaluation, author of Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21, founder of Democrats Against Agenda 21,  and executive director of the Post Sustainability Institute, will be speaking at the NAU Cline Auditorium Library.  See below for details.   


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14. Jennifer Reynolds, Expert on Common Core, to speak at Clearview Cultural Center June 6, 2013

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15. An Inconvenient Truth, Eight Years Later

Remember this block-buster movie, and Al Gore's emergency "do as I say, not as I do" message to America? 

"We are causing global warming"! 

Gore doesn't exactly set the example for reducing the earth's temperature, since he owns a "20-room, 10,000 square foot antebellum mansion in Nashville’s wealthy Belle Meade neighborhood, and the $8.9 million rising ocean-front threatened villa in Montecito, California he purchased following his divorce.  He can certainly afford to pay the 221,000 kilowatt-hours utility bill for that Nashville home alone that the Tennessee Center for Policy Research published from 2007 records, 20 times national average household consumption."  See The Greening of Al Gore's Bank Account.

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16. Kilimanjaro Regaining its Snow Cap

Who can forget Al Gore's stunning statement in "An Inconvenient Truth" back in 2005:  "Within the decade, there will be no more snows of Kilimanjaro."  Devastating.  The problem for Al "Global Warming Huckster" Gore is that Kilimanjaro is regaining its snow cap.   Even if it wasn't regaining its snow cap, it's quite possible that it didn't lose it due to changes in temperature

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17. Record Shattering Spring Cold! Blame it on the progressives

To all the progressives out there who, through your example, have become organic gardeners and nut and berry gatherers—thus reducing your carbon footprint--your efforts to reduce greenhouse gasses are paying off! 

Just look around.  Record cold temperatures!  Stubborn ice and snow in May!  In Venice, Berlin, Spain, Italy, Algeria, Slovenia, Pamplona, the Black Sea, Arkansas, eastern Rockies, Dakotas, Minnesota, Arkansas, Anchorage, and today (May 25, 2013) the entire United States of America. 

I know.  It’s hard on you, trying to grow backyard veggies for your family in sub-freezing temperatures, but look at the bright side. The planet appreciates all that you are doing to save it.  

(See 5 gratifying articles below for undeniable proof that reducing one's carbon footprint works.)

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18. 1975: Tornado Outbreaks Blamed on Global Cooling

Someone recently came across an old Newsweek magazine article from April 28, 1975 titled Tornado Outbreaks Blamed on Global Cooling

One would think that scientists are a pretty sane, logical bunch.  But like many others who depend on the government to provide them with funding, they probably are guided more by money and politics than by science.

Here are some excerpts from the article that are very interesting, especially when you consider that the global cooling catastrophe was scientifically predicted by the same organizations that are predicting global warming catastrophes today:  the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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19. Public Hearing in Gilbert May 1: ICC 2012 International Building Codes

Please attend this meeting in support of locally-written health and safety codes.  If possible, please speak out.  If you cannot attend, the following email will reach Mayor Lewis and all Gilbert Council Members:

Here is the announcement from Rusdon Ray, Draftsman/Home Designer.  He has also personally invited the Mayor and Town Council members to attend. 

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20. Open Letter to Gilbert Town Council: Oppose 2012 ICC Codes

submitted by John Brakeman, Gilbert, AZ.

Dear Mayor Lewis and Gilbert Town Council Members,

As a long time resident of Gilbert and a professional in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry, I robustly urge you to strongly oppose implementing the 2012 ICC Code structure in the Town of Gilbert.

I have seen first hand in other communities how the 2012 ICC codes have created unintended issues due to over-regulation.
Gilbert and the AEC industry would be better served by maintaining locally written life-safety guidelines.

Part of the appeal of Gilbert was that we could make individual choices that best met our needs with respect to our property. Please do not take that away from us or future generations by forcing arbitrary building regulation.

At a recent presentation, Mayor Lewis noted that Gilbert is a "Clean, Safe, Vibrant"community.  It was also suggested that Gilbert is an "Innovative, Lean, Fiscally Responsible, Business Friendly, Premier Education & Freedom Community."

Implementing the new codes would certainly limit freedom of choice and decrease the vibrant growth that we've all worked so hard to achieve. Furthermore, innovation is not following the crowd, but leading the way by blazing our own path.

Please Oppose 2012 ICC Codes.

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