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1. 12/12/2011 & 12/15/2011 Town Council Study Session and Meeting

Meet and Confer Ordinance Modifications

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Tags: Town Council, Unions
2. 5/16/2011 & 5/19/2011 Town Council Study Session & Meeting

All three MOU’s were passed by the Council. Rating a #10 on the Gilbert Watch “Incredulity Meter,” Council Member Abbott stated that she “respects the Constitution and the First Amendment and the right for people to assemble and belong to organizations, and so I support the right of our employees to belong to organizations in which they want to be affiliated.”

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Tags: Town Council, Bill of Rights, Unions
3. Who’s Being Naughty?

This sticky-fingered little miscreant was observed with these signs in his hands around 6 pm on Tuesday, 1/18/2011. Does anybody know who this is? Hmmmmmm? It looks like he’s removing two signs from in front of the Town Council Building at 50 E. Civic Center Dr.  Who put him up to this? I wonder if he has a collection of “No On Prop 406” signs in his garage? Remember how those disappeared? The ones handmade by Gilbert’s children?

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Tags: Bill of Rights, Town Council, Unions
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